Fishermen soul

We have just closed a particularly important year for Hayduk. In 2018 we made big leaps in the consolidation of our corporate strategy, integrating new and modern tools to our management with which we have achieved even better results and greater growth as a company. However, with each step we take, we remember our origin and that passion that led us to undertake this adventure, always with fishermen soul.

27 years ago, Hayduk is born of a great love for the sea and the strong conviction to bring nutrition of the highest quality to all of Peru and the world. Since then, that spirit of traditional fishermen has led us to make products under strict quality standards, always respecting and caring for marine resources with the love that only seafarers can have.

This allowed us to grow and make Hayduk what it is today, a company with a large presence in the sector, six production plants located along the coast, nineteen boats and a family made up of thousands of Peruvians. Thanks to this, we have been able to meet and interact with many populations that share our passion, and with which we work as a team contributing to local and country development.

On the other hand, this philosophy of fishermen at heart, leads us to carry out all our activities with a critical view of one who respects the treasures from the sea, starting in fishing, going through the transformation, until we reach the commercialization of our products . This attitude towards the resource leads us to ensure the sustainability of marine biodiversity, as well as to seek the highest quality in our production.

Closing a year and starting a new one makes us go back to our origins and to contrast the past with the present. See us today transformed into a large corporation leader in the fishing industry, far from making us forget our essence as fishermen, makes us reaffirm with strength and emotion as such. Because that spirit is what has allowed us to obtain all these great results and continue to provide quality nutrition. And it will continue to do so in the future.

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