Welcome to 2019

2018 brought important achievements for Hayduk Corporation in terms of consolidating our business model. And personally, as president of the company, I can not help but feel very proud of the great results achieved.

Among these achievements, one that I am particularly interested in is the step forward we made in terms of digital transformation based on the implementation of a modern satellite connectivity system in our vessels. The benefits are many to make operations more competitive, but the fact that our crew can use it to communicate and be closer to their families and loved ones is something that fills me with tranquility and great joy.

On the other hand, the change of our energy matrix to natural gas in Coishco is another indicator that Hayduk continues its evolution, and expresses our concern for the health of the planet. This is especially important, because from the beginning I knew perfectly well that being responsible with the environment was fundamental to our management.

But this past year was also one in which we decided to get even closer to the community. With the implementation of this same platform, LinkedIn, both Hayduk from its own profile as I from mine, we open a new window of communication that already allows us to draw a bridge between the fishing industry and people through relevant content on fishing and our own activities.

Today these changes give me a satisfaction difficult to explain. I trust that this 2019 will have everything necessary to be a year in which we will be able to grow even more as a company and be even more connected with those who are, finally, the main reason that motivates us every day to follow is this wonderful adventure: our people.

On behalf of Hayduk and myself, I wish you all a year full of new challenges and, of course, many congratulations. Welcome to 2019!

Walter Martínez

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