Connected at any point of the sea

As part of the strategic plan to continue reaching our "Potential Plenum", in Hayduk Corporación we are going through a great digital transformation. This process, which extends throughout our management, consists of several stages, and this year has completed one of the most important one with the implementation of a satellite connectivity system in our fleet that will allow us to increase its efficiency.

This is one of the most important technological projects of the Peruvian fishing sector, and consists of the installation of satellite autotracking antennas that make possible the connectivity of our ships anywhere in the sea 24 hours a day. Thanks to it, we became the first fishing company in Peru to acquire this technology and in this way, we stopped relying on HF radio and cell phones in the areas closest to the coast to contact our boats and plants.

To take full advantage of the connectivity, we complement this uninterrupted communication with an IoT project through sensors in the main on-board equipment, such as the fuel tank and the warehouses, among others. These record and send data in real time, which is then combined into a big data solution in the cloud to be processed and analyzed from our different business intelligence platforms.

Among the main benefits of these implementations we can highlight the efficient collection of information and the minute-by-minute registration and evaluation of critical variables of the different on-board processes (fuel consumption, warehouse temperature, technical failures, and a long etcetera); this with a view to a better strategic decision-making scheme.

In addition, from the side of the labor climate and the well-being of our people, a significant improvement has been achieved in the communication of the crew members, who can maintain contact with the production plants and their families during the entire slaughter, which can last up to 30 days in the case of tuna.

At Hayduk Corporación we know that the future of the industry is intimately linked with technology. Therefore, with this project we not only subscribe to the fundamental importance of this process to consolidate ourselves as fishermen, but also, through it, we reaffirm our total commitment to quality nutrition for Peru and the world.

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