In fishmeal, we are the leading Peruvian company in premium quality. We are among the main exporting companies in the world. 100% of our production originates from the anchovy. Our fishmeal has essential amino acids, contains high value proteins, and is rich in essential fatty acids, omega 3, EPA and DHA; thus it constitutes an excellent source of nutrition and energy for the rapid growth of cattle, sheep and pigs, as well as being successfully used in aquaculture and poultry.

Our fishing capacity on the entire coast, the strategic location of our six plants, and the state of the art technology of the modern refrigeration systems of our ships represent competitive advantages that enable us to guarantee continuous production of the highest quality fishmeal, and satisfactorily attend to the most demanding requirements of our clients from all over the world.


Benefits of fish meal in the production of animal feed, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations:

essential amino

conversion and
growth rate

omega 3 fatty
acids (EPA and

Fish meal

Greater protein
content, higher
than vegetable

Special value in
diets for very
young animals

Low content of