We produce fish oil with high content of omega 3 for human consumption. We also supply the balanced animal feed market. Additionally, according to the client’s requirements, we produce semi-refined and refined oil. Our fish meal forms an essential part of the food chain in the preparation of the demanding diets of salmon and other species bred in different parts of Europe, America and Asia.

We are not only concerned with delivering a healthy product, but with for taking care of the environment, thus all of our plants are approved by the Technological Production Institute, and we have the IFFO-RS, GMP+B2, GMP+B13, HACCP and FOS certifications. We also have the export licenses required by the countries of destination, such as China; we also belong to the IFFO (International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization) which brings together producers and marketers of the sector.

Our company complies with the requirement of the European Community, that vessels for the fishing of anchovy be certified for fishing intended for direct human consumption. Thanks to strict compliance of the norms established by each country, we sell to various countries in the entire world.


Benefits of fish oil in the production of supplements and concentrates, according to the joint project of the University of the State of Oregon, Cornell University, the Universities of California, Delaware, Florida and Rhode Island, and the Community Seafood Initiative:

Contributes to
the development of
the brain and the
eyes in infants and

to sharp-

Reduces the risk
of heart diseases
and sudden

Reduces levels
of triglycerides
in the blood

Increases the
duration of

muscles and