We have six plants strategically located along the national coastal strip, which enables us to maximize the freshness of our products, reducing the transfer time from the vessel. We constantly invest in state of the art equipment, and in the training of the personnel in the latest market trends, thanks to which we can guarantee the safest, most efficient and professional operations of the local environment, as well as the highest quality. Our plants have the support of the HACCP, GMP+B2, GMP+B3, IFFO-RS, FOS (Friend of the Sea) and SQF 2000 quality certifications.

Furthermore, each of our plants develops its activities following strict environmental protection norms.

Our plants dedicated to the production of indirect human consumption (fishmeal and fish oil) are Malabrigo, Végueta, Tambo de Mora, Ilo and Coishco, the last two also produce frozen goods, as well as Paita. Canned goods are produced in Coishco. In addition to our plants, we have the Fleet unit and the central administrative office, in Lima.