Organizational Culture

We are a 100% Peruvian company with a fishing tradition and entrepreneurial spirit. Our knowledge, transmitted from one generation to another, originates from the direct experience of people closely linked to the sea, and it has been consolidated by the professionalism and commitment of a team of experts which works in each of the areas of the company.

We have faced the changes inherent to the business, and we have managed to turn all the challenges that we have been presented with into opportunities. We work as a team, we dare to innovate and we are committed to quality. Today, we are a company with a consistent line of action, with defined objectives and great desire to grow. Our vision has led us to be, as well as a recognized fishing company, an example of a successful healthy food company.

The future presents itself as a world to conquer and we face it with great projects, placing us at the forefront in trends and technology, always maintaining our essence as a company: to be fishermen and Peruvian.