06.1We are a company committed to responsible fishing and the care of the environment, which is why we are concerned with regulatory compliance and with our voluntarily assumed environmental commitments for the purpose of eliminating and/or mitigating our environmental impacts. In this manner, through all of our processes, from the catch of the raw material until the final distribution of our products and generated residues, we seek to contribute to the preservation and sustainability of the environment for our generation and future generations.

For this reason, we invest in state of the art clean technologies, constantly concerned with updating them, and complying with the new environmental and sectorial regulations. We train our employees, creating awareness regarding the care of the environment and the importance of their work for this purpose. For the purpose of identifying opportunities for improvement, we maintain an audit scheme that enables us to comply with our commitments.

The certifications obtained and others in the process of implementation provide evidence of our improvement process:

  • Certifies that we carry out sustainable fishing.
  • Certifies our responsible supply of raw materials, as well as quality and safety in production.

Currently, with the Végueta plant as a pilot, we are in the implementation stage of the international standard ISO 14000, which establishes efficient, responsible and voluntary environmental management. We expect to achieve the certification in the course of this year.

Coherent with our philosophy of environmental responsibility, we carried out the implementation of clean technologies for the mitigation of contaminants:

Treatment of industrial effluents

We seek to improve the treatment systems of industrial effluents through the installation of complementary systems of chemical treatments to the already existing ones, to mitigate the contamination produced by the effluents, complying with the maximum permissible limits.

Gas emissions

We have installed washing towers in all of our plants (Ilo is in progress) to attenuate the emission of contaminant gaseous agents.

Energy matrix

Under our philosophy of responsible production, we have changed our energy matrix from petroleum to natural gas and LPG. The plants that already have clean fuel are Paita (natural gas), Constant (LPG) and Coishco (LPG).

Treatment of domestic effluents

We have installed treatment plants of domestic residual waters that permit us to reuse the treated water in the irrigation of grounds, thus reducing water consumption.

Management of solid residues

In addition to complying with the General Law of Solid Residues, we promote the adequate segregation of our residues with the objective of minimizing the contamination that they produce. We also contribute to recycling, in this manner helping with the care of the environment.